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Vial Storage

Cryobio provides sperm storage for a fee. This can be open or anonymous donor sperm (we are currently offering free monthly storage for anyone purchasing open or anonymous donor sperm now through August, 19 2020), known or directed donor sperm, and sperm you have frozen for fertility preservation.

Some reasons you would store sperm:

  • If your doctor’s office doesn’t have the equipment to store sperm, we can store it and ship it as you need it.
  • If you want to make sure you have enough sperm for future sibling pregnancies.
  • If you are using a known or directed donor.
  • If you have frozen sperm to preserve your fertility.
  • If you are preparing for certain ART procedures.
  • You have to complete and sign a sperm storage agreement to store sperm.  This agreement also includes instructions for us to follow that state who will have control of the sperm if anything happens to you.
  • When you are ready to use your sperm, contact us for the required forms and to set up shipping.  When you are ready to discontinue storage of your sperm, contact us to discuss your options.

Vial Storage

Cost: From: $37.00 / month


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