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Information Library Photo Matching

Some people have an ideal donor in mind, but for some people this can be a difficult decision.  There are so many to choose from and it is difficult to decide what characteristics you are looking for in a donor.  Photo match can help you in either situation.

To get started with photo match, you fill out a form indicating which features your ideal donor would have. This form has several categories of physical characteristics that you can rank in order of importance, and there is a space to add in additional physical characteristics that aren’t included on the form and any social characteristics you want to be considered as well. You can also provide us with a photo of a spouse, relative, friend, or someone whose physical features you like.  We use the form and the photo as a starting point to compare with our donor list and then we provide you with a list of the four closest matches.

You will receive a detailed description of the four donors in ranked order and how their physical and social characteristics compare to the characteristics you indicated on the form and in the photo you provided.

Photo match costs $50, it will take 7 days from when we receive your request, and you can choose to receive your results in an email or in a phone call from one of Cryobio’s staff.