Fertility Preservation or Sperm Banking for Yourself

Cryobiology, Inc. is affiliated with facilities that offer sperm banking to men who wish to freeze and store their own sperm at three locations nationwide.  Please contact them directly:

          www.reprodiag.com for the Central Ohio area.

          www.pittsburghcryobank.com for the Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania areas.

          www.wilmingtonreprolabs.com for the Southeast Coastal area of North Carolina.

Men may choose to store their sperm to preserve their fertility in preparation for:

  • Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy or a Medication or other treatment that may decrease fertility.
  • Testicular, Prostate, or other Urological Surgery.
  • Vasectomy.
  • Exposure to Chemical, Biological, or Environmental Hazards (herbicides, radiation, etc.) that may decrease fertility.
  • Frequent Travel.
  • Active Military Duty.
  • An ART procedure.
  • Sports Activities where there is an increased risk of injury to the reproductive system.

It is recommended that sperm samples be cryopreserved (frozen) prior to treatment, surgery, and/or exposure to chemical, biological, or environmental hazards for the best quality sample. Timing is critical and freezing more than one sample is recommended. Please contact one of the facilities above to schedule an Appointment.

Fertility Preservation Practical Matters including how you can use your cryopreserved sample in the future  and sample quality is discussed in more detail in FAQs.