Donor Information

PLEASE BE ADVISED:  Cryobiology will be updating our website on or around July 20, 2019.  All account information will be transferred to the new site.  HOWEVER, you will need to update your password the first time you visit.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  We are excited to launch the new site and hope it will enhance your experience with us.  Thanks!

Choosing a Donor

Choosing a sperm donor is a very personal process. We provide information, beyond appearance, to help with this important decision.

Donor Search allows you to filter our donor database based on criteria that you select.  Searches can be as general as ethnicity or religious background or as specific as hair color or highest education achieved.Choosing a donor based on their blood type may also be important to you if you are not sure if you will tell your child that he/she was conceived using donor sperm. Read about blood type and your choice of donor in FAQs.


Once you have narrowed down your search using these traits, Cryobiology can provide additional information to customize your search. Not all information is available on all donors.


Supplemental information available for most donors includes:

  1. Basic Profile
  2. Medical History
  3. Silhouette of the donor
  4. An Essay entitled “In Your Own Words” providing some background in the donor’s handwriting.
Additional information which may be available for purchase:

  1. Childhood Photos
  2. Current Photo
  3. Audio Interview
  4. Keirsey Personality Profile (CLICK for more information).
For Additional Information on Donor Testing and Screening please see: Donor Medical History, Required Donor Testing, Sample Quarantine, Genetic Testing and CMV, Zika and Viral Diseases.

Blood Type. Some couples also consider blood type in selecting their donor.  Click Here for more information.

To access supplemental information, go to the tabs at the bottom of each donor profile.  Free items (those available for that donor) are immediately available for download. Items for purchase should be placed in your cart. Once you have completed the checkout process (and paid for the item), the item will appear in this tabbed section for your review each time you login.