Sample Storage

Cryobiology, Inc. can provide storage of frozen donor sperm samples that you have purchased or samples that you have banked yourself when:

  1. You wish to plan ahead for a future pregnancy/biological sibling using the same sperm donor.(The number of vials available for any donor is finite so advance purchase is recommended).
  2. Your physician does not have the equipment to store your samples in his/her office, your treatment must be delayed but you want to purchase a particular donor sample now. 
  3. You have banked your own sperm to preserve your future fertility or because of a busy travel schedule and duration of storage time is open-ended.

Storage Logistics:

  1. Storage of samples is billed monthly. 
  2. You have access to all or some of  your samples at any time. 
  3. You will pay for shipping to the location where they will be used.

For additional information about Ordering, Shipping or Storage of samples, Future Donor Availability and Vials Not Used please see the FAQs.