Becoming a Donor

Cryobiology, Inc. accepts less than 10% of men who apply to become sperm donors. Anonymous sperm donation is highly regulated to ensure that recipients (women and couples using the sample) and the resulting child are safe from risk of infectious (communicable) diseases and genetic conditions.

Potential Sperm Donors are questioned, screened and tested including the following:

  1. Semen Analysis to ensure that the semen sample is above average in sperm count and motility and can be frozen and thawed successfully.
  2. Donor Screening Questionnaire which asks in depth questions about lifestyle, travel and health history.
  3. Three generation family medical history including a phone interview with the Genetic Counselor. If a potential donor is adopted and does not have knowledge of the medical and genetic history of his biological parents, he cannot be a sperm donor.
  4. Physical examination.
  5. Testing for some genetic diseases that are common in the general population and others that are specific to certain ethnic backgrounds.  
  6. A commitment to collect multiple sperm samples at one of our three locations over at least a year in the program.
  7. Sperm donors are paid for their time once accepted into the program.

NOTE: Federal regulations dictate that certain lifestyles, travel and medical histories automatically disqualify a man from being an anonymous sperm donor. This is not a judgement but a matter of risk factors for infectious and/or genetic diseases. While these factors might be acceptable to a known recipient, they exclude men from participating in donor programs at commercial sperm banks.

For more information on becoming a sperm donor please Contact Cryobiology.