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Vial Replacement Policy

Vial Replacement Policy

LAB: Click Here for Sample Thawing Protocol

Cryobiology, Inc. is committed to providing a high-quality cryopreserved donor sperm sample with a post thaw recovery you can count on.

Sperm count and estimation of motility are subjective processes and are known to vary by technician, training and experience, counting chamber used, thawing technique and even temperature. Always use our recommended Thawing Protocol.

Here is our guidance for Expected Post Thaw Recovery for comparison purposes only:

IUI (IntraUterine insemination) Samples.

  1. Volume: 0.5 ml.
  2. Approximately 20 million motile cells/ ml (+/ – 20%). Therefore, approximately 10 million motile cells/ vial.
  3. Minimum of 50% forward progressive motility.

ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) Samples (Not Available on All Donors)

  1. Volume: 0.5 ml.
  2. Approximately 10 million motile cells/ ml (+/ – 20%). Therefore, approximately 5 million motile cells/ vial.
  3. Minimum of 30% forward progressive motility.

Note: ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection) should be used with ART samples; we do not recommend the use of ART samples for standard oocyte insemination in IVF (IVF without ICSI). ART vials are not recommended for use in artificial insemination since they contain fewer motile sperm than IUI vials.

ICI (IntraCervical Insemination) Samples (Only Available on Donors Frozen Before 1998)

  1. Volume: 1.0 ml.
  2. Approximately 30 million motile cells/ ml (+/ – 20%). Therefore, approximately 30 million motile cells/ vial.
  3. Minimum of 40% forward progressive motility.

Note: ICI samples cannot be used for IUI or ART without additional processing since they contain seminal plasma. Processing will reduce the number of motile sperm cells available for insemination.

Replacement Procedure: If samples appear to contain significantly fewer motile sperm cells than described above, please Contact Cryobiology immediately. We will:

  1. Obtain a complete lab report on the sample from the lab processing the sample for review by the Cryobiology Quality Assurance Department.
  2. If indicated, replace an inadequate vial for the next cycle if the patient is NOT pregnant and provided the samples were shipped within the last three months. (No replacements will be provided for samples that were shipped more than three months ago).

NOTE: Shipping costs are not included in the replacement.