Cryobiology Pricing (8-1-18)

Donor Sperm Vials



Anonymous Donor

Open Donor

IUI     (Pre-Washed)




ART    (For IVF with ICSI)



ICI     (Unwashed; When Available)



Donor Information

Donor Profile (from website)


Medical History


Donor Essays “In Your Own Words”


Donor Silhouette


Childhood Photos (average of 3 photos per donor)


Current Photo (Open Donors Only)


Donor Audio Interview


Additional Charge for Mailing any of the pictures or audio


Keirsey Personality Test-Donor


Keirsey Personality Test-Self





Miscellaneous Services

Photo Match


Genetic Counseling (by appointment only)

$75 per 30 mins.



Sterile catheters (available by physician written order only)


Vial Storage

Monthly (Charged to a valid Credit Card)







Shipping And Processing

Standard Overnight: delivery by 3:30 PM next business day


Priority Overnight: delivery by 10 AM next business day


Overnight Saturday Delivery: limited delivery area

Call for Availability

Overnight First Morning: very limited delivery area

Call for Availability

Client Pick Up and Return of Tank (Same Day)


—Each Additional Day


—Required tank deposit (refundable at time of tank return)


Courier delivery (within Columbus only)



Client pick up, Courier return


—Required tank deposit (refundable at time of tank return)








Additional Charges


Rush Order (Received after 2PM EST)


Shipment/Order Change on Shipping Day


Processing Fee for Vial Return (unthawed) to be stored and reshipped for same client (Processing fee does not include shipping or storage charges).


Call for pricing on any service not listed.

Prices subject to change without prior notice.