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About Us

For over 30 years, family building
has been our family business.

Cryobio was founded in 1989 by Dr. Bill Baird, a scientist with a PhD in reproductive biology.  At the time, Dr. Baird was running an in vitro fertilization laboratory and he was dissatisfied with the donor sperm samples available.  This dissatisfaction led him to realize there was a demand for reliable, high-quality donor sperm samples.

Over the years, we have continued to adapt to the changing needs of those who wish to build their family using donor sperm. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our honest, transparent, warm, family-friendly approach to this very personal business.

For the 30 years, it has been in existence, Cryobio has been led by Dr. Baird, with assistance from our laboratory supervisor with an MS in reproduction, Donna Ridder.  Along with Cryobio, this same team leads Reproductive Diagnostics, an andrology laboratory, and tissue storage facility. The duo has been involved in various reproductive professional societies, including the reproductive tissue council of the American Association of Tissue Banks, and the recent task force that was formed by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology to address reproductive tissue cryopreservation and storage issues.

With our leadership working in the infertility and ART field for over 30 years, Cryobio knows what it takes to provide, as Dr. Baird would say, “a great sperm sample, that will give our clients the best chance of getting pregnant, having a baby, and creating a family.”

Besides providing donor sperm, Cryobio specializes in directed (known) donor processing, which allows us to help you create your family with someone you know.  We do this by working with your doctor’s office and testing, processing, freezing, and then shipping sperm throughout the country. Along with directed donor processing, Cryobio provides fertility preservation, for people who may be going through a multitude of health or social changes.  Fertility preservation lets you maintain your ability to have biological children in the future, even when your health or life prevents it now.

Cryobio is in the family business.  This idea is especially true as we begin continuing into the second generation, with Dr. Baird’s children becoming involved in the infertility field and taking part in Cryobio’s operations.  The continuance allows our donors and clients to have confidence that their records will stay safe and ensures that Cryobio will be providing donor sperm, directed donor processing, and fertility preservation for many years to come.

Cryobio’s small, hands-on staff allows us to truly get to know our donors and our clients.  This, along with our combination of education, experience, and continuity of care is what makes Cryobio exceptional.


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Less than 1%

of potential donors are accepted

Unique processing method

enhancing sperm survival

Fertility expertise

both our lab director and lab supervisor have over 30 years experience providing infertility services

Family formation options

we not only provide Open and Non-ID Release donor sperm, we specialize in directed donor processing and fertility preservation

At Cryobio, our high standards extend far beyond our well-screened and tested donors and high-quality sperm samples. We set a high bar when it comes to how we treat our donors and our patients.

We are a family-based company that prides itself on not just helping you grow your family, but treating you like family. Every step of the way. That’s the Cryobio difference.

Providing you with

We do our best to make the entire process and our pricing simple and easy to understand. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

No one else in the industry gives you

At Cryobio, we take great pride in the fact that we prepare donor sperm vials that contain more motile sperm cells than anyone else in the industry.

Well-trained technicians

Every Cryobio location is staffed by dedicated, well-trained technicians, working under the direction of a highly-experienced, certified High-complexity Clinical Lab Director.

:snowflake: Winter Promotions happening NOW on shipping, storage, and signups! Visit our **Costs and Pricing Page** for more info! :snowflake:
:snowflake: Winter Promotions happening NOW on shipping, storage, and signups! Visit our **Costs and Pricing Page** for more info!:snowflake:
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