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Donor Information Packages

Cryobio’s Donor Information Packages provide access to different types and amounts of information about each of our donors. There are three different options of information access you can choose: Starter, Enhanced, Advanced. This information will help you in your selection process, for example the baby pictures, staff descriptions and adult pictures will help you visualize the donor’s appearance and physical traits. The staff impressions, “in your own words” responses, audio interviews, and Keirsey test results can help you get a sense of the donor’s personality and interests. Your child may want to see this information as they grow up.

Term: When you purchase a donor information package, the information in the package you selected will be visible in each donor’s box. You have access to the information for 90 days. If you want access again, you can repurchase at any time, as many times as you like.

Note: Every donor may not have every piece of information available. If we have this information about a Donor, it will be provided in the Donor Information Package.

Information Access




Basic Information   
Favorites List   
Genetic Test Results   
Baby Photos  
Extended Profile  
Donor Essay  
Staff Impression  
Audio Interviews  
Adult Photos 
Keirsey Test 


for 90 days

for 90 days