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Donor Information Packages

Welcome to Cryobio!

We are so excited you are here! To get started, please select which Donor Information Sign-up Package works best for you.

We realize that starting a family with donor sperm is not a one-size-fits-all process. We also realize that the costs associated with starting a family vary widely depending on many factors, some of which can be anticipated and others unforeseen at the beginning of your journey. Because of this, Cryobio decided years ago to stop charging for our Starter and Enhanced Donor Information Packages and dropped the price from $159.95 to $50.00 for our Advanced Donor Information Package.

While the Advanced Donor Information Package is the only sign-up package with a cost associated, we still feel it is important to offer three different packages with three different sets of information available in them. Over the last 34 years, we have been helping individuals and couples on this journey; we have learned that not everyone wants the same amount of information on their donor. Some people are content with the Starter Package, others are satisfied with the Enhanced Package, and some are happy with the Advanced Package. No package is better than the other.  We simply want you to control which option works best for you.

The information provided in these packages is here to help you in your selection process. For example, the baby pictures, the staff descriptions, and the photo of the donor as an adult help you visualize your donor’s appearance and physical traits. The staff impressions, “in your own words” responses, audio interviews, and Keirsey test results can help you get a sense of the donor’s personality and interests. Your child may want to see this information when they grow up.

Remember, we are here to help! If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Note: Every donor may not have every piece of information available.  For example, we may not have a picture of the donor as an adult; if we do, it will be provided in the Advanced Donor Information Sign-up Package.


Information Available




Donor Medical History      
Family History Summary    
Genetic Test Results      
Favorite Things List      
Baby Photos    
Physical Traits, Personality, Hobbies, and Interests    
Donor Essay    
Audio Interviews    
Adult Photos  
Keirsey Test  

for 90 days

for 90 days

$50 $25!
for 90 days

:cherry_blossom: Spring has sprung! Promos happening now on SHIPPING, STORAGE, and SIGNUPS! Visit our **Costs and Pricing Page** for more info! :cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom: Spring has sprung! Promos happening now on SHIPPING, STORAGE, and SIGNUPS! Visit our **Costs and Pricing Page** for more info!:cherry_blossom: