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Information Library Directed Donors

Some people want to use someone they know as a donor, these are called directed or known donors. These types of donors are required by the FDA to undergo screening and testing just like our open or anonymous donors, and we freeze and store the sperm in the same way as well.  We provide screening and testing of directed donors at our Columbus, OH location.  When screening and testing is complete, sperm samples can be collected, frozen, and stored at any of our three locations.

One kind of directed donors provide sperm, but they are not going to be a parent to the child.  Some examples of this kind of directed donor are the friend of a lesbian couple or single woman, a brother of a cancer patient who has become infertile due to his treatment, or a brother of the non-egg provider in a lesbian couple.

Directed donor screening and testing is also required when you are using a gestational carrier, some examples of this kind of directed donor are either the male partner in a heterosexual couple or the sperm providing partner in a gay couple.  In these cases, the directed donor is both providing sperm and will be a parent of the child.

If you have questions about whether you are a directed donor or whether you need screening and testing done to use a directed donor, please contact us.