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Information Library Limit on Pregnancies by Donor

Cryobio places a limit on the maximum number of pregnancies for each donor based on  geography and total number of pregnancies.   

Geographic Restrictions. A donor may become geographically restricted for sale when his sperm has been used to achieve 10 pregnancies. You may purchase donor sperm in cases of geographic restriction when you already have a child and want to attempt to have siblings from the same donor. Please contact us for more information if you have identified a donor that has a geographic restriction in your city and state.

Tracking. So that we can properly track the number of pregnancies per donor, we need you to report pregnancies and births to us. This can be done online using our Report a Pregnancy function.

The results we receive are routinely reviewed for trends that may indicate that a particular donor:  

    1. Should be restricted in a given geographic area. This geographic restriction is indicated in donor search and donor purchase.
    2. Has reached the maximum number of pregnancies and must be taken out of use.
    3. Has a pregnancy history that suggests a need for follow-up on certain health or genetic disease issues.

Report a Pregancy