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Maintaining sperm at the proper temperature is important and hard to do without the proper equipment, we have that equipment. Cryobio has been storing frozen sperm for over 30 years, you’ve come to the right place.

We can provide storage for Open or Non-ID-Release donor sperm vials.  We can also provide storage for Directed Donor or known donor sperm vials, we can also provide storage for sperm you have frozen for Fertility Preservation, with our andrology laboratory and tissue storage facility, Reproductive Diagnostics.  We offer storage by the month, year, two years, or five years.  If you store Cryobio sperm at our facility and you don’t use it within two years, you can take advantage of our buy-back policy and get a partial refund.

We require all clients storing sperm to complete and sign a sperm storage agreement.  This agreement also includes instructions that tell us who will have control of the sperm if anything happens to you.  When you are ready to use the sperm, contact us for the required forms and to set up shipping.  When you are ready to stop storing the sperm, contact us to discuss your options.

Reasons to store sperm with Cryobio:

  • Family planning. You should ask your doctor how many vials you should order and store so that you have enough sperm for multiple attempts at pregnancy. You should also consider ordering enough so you can have future siblings if siblings from the same donor are part of your family plan.
  • Postponed treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes your procedure will be postponed and you won’t be able to use the sperm within the time that it will remain frozen in the shipping tank. If this happens within 7 days of shipping, you can return the frozen sperm to Cryobio to be stored with us and used later. We put the sperm into storage under your name, and then when you are ready to use it, we will ship it back to your doctor. You are responsible for paying fees for storage and return shipping.
  • Doctor’s office doesn’t provide storage. If your doctor’s office doesn’t have the equipment to store sperm, we can store it and ship it as you need it.  We ship sperm in nitrogen vapor tanks that can maintain sperm at the proper temperature for 7 days.  The best way to protect frozen sperm is to keep it in the shipping tank until 30 minutes before intended use.  Your doctor’s office may be able to keep your sperm frozen and stored, but not all doctor’s offices have storage facilities.  Be sure you check with your doctor’s office about this before you schedule shipping.
  • Directed or known donor. When you are planning to use a directed donor, after they go through the screening and testing process we can freeze and store vials. This allows you to use the sperm when you are ready, and the screening and testing process will not have to be repeated.
  • Fertility preservation. When you have frozen sperm to preserve your fertility.  Sperm can be frozen and stored and used successfully years in the future, there are reported births from sperm frozen for over 40 years.
  • ART treatment. When you are preparing for ART treatment, your doctor and the embryology laboratory may require you to provide a backup sample that will be frozen and stored in case it is needed during treatment.


:snowflake: Winter Promotions happening NOW on shipping, storage, and signups! Visit our **Costs and Pricing Page** for more info! :snowflake:
:snowflake: Winter Promotions happening NOW on shipping, storage, and signups! Visit our **Costs and Pricing Page** for more info!:snowflake:
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