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Information Library Shipping and Pickup


While FedEX seems to be running normally, please consider the possibility that circumstances may change and make sure you place your order with enough time to account for any shipping delays.

We are continuing to offer free monthly storage through March 31st, 2021.

  • We will ship to your physician’s office or to your home, if your physician will submit a prescription order or other document indicating you are under a physician’s care.
  • Vials are shipped in a specialized nitrogen vapor tank that can keep the vials frozen for 7 days from ship date.
  • Your doctor’s office should check the tank when they receive it and make sure your vials are still frozen. If the vials are thawed, they need to be used immediately or discarded, they cannot be refrozen. Please contact Cryobio immediately if you have any concerns when your doctor receives your vials.
  • Before shipping the vials, we require payment in full and a current completed and signed Sperm Use Agreement from you, and your partner if applicable, on file.
  • We accept all major credit cards for online orders. Please call if you want to use cash, check, or a money order.
  • Orders placed online by 12 pm EST can be shipped that same day. Orders placed by 2 pm EST by phone can also be shipped that same day.
  • We ship the vials on the date you request when you checkout. Please make sure the shipping method you select will get the vials to you in time for your procedure. We recommend that you plan to receive the vials the day before they are needed. Please be aware of weekends and holidays, as we do not recommend shipping on a Friday or before major holidays. We cannot control FedEx shipping schedules.
  • Shipping fees include the return of the tank to Cryobio, instructions about tank return will be included.


  • If you are in the Columbus, OH area, you can pick up your vials to save on shipping costs. To take advantage of this option, you need a written request from your physician, a scheduled pick-up time, and to pay a returnable deposit for the storage tank.

Note: Cryobio is not responsible for shipments that are delayed due to inclement weather or other shipping issues beyond our control.