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Psychological Assessment


In 2020, Cryobio started having potential sperm donors undergo a psychological evaluation by a mental health professional (MHP). During this assessment the MHP conducts a clinical interview with the potential donor. The MHP also gives the donor the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI), a multi-question test that helps the MHP determine if the donor candidate has any personality or psychological traits that would interfere with them being a donor. The MHP uses the PAI and clinical interview together to help recommend if the individual qualifies for being a donor. We work with MHPs who are members of ASRM and have education and experience with fertility issues.


The MHP will also review the donation process and the wide range of experiences that donors, intended parents, and donor conceived individuals may have when intended parents use sperm donors to help them build a family. The goal of this process is that the potential donor fully understands the donation process and that they are consenting to becoming a sperm donor.