Directed Donor Program       

Have you already found a sperm donor you would like to use to build your family? A Directed Donor is a sperm donor who is known to and selected by the individual (recipient) or couple who will use his sperm to achieve a pregnancy. A Directed Donor is NOT the sexually intimate partner of the recipient using the sperm, therefore screening, testing and, in some cases, quarantine of the sample is required before it can be used. 

Examples of a directed donor include the brother of cancer patient who has become infertile due to his treatment, the friend of single woman or female couple who is providing sperm for family building and the male partner in a couple that is utilizing a gestational carrier. 

We provide screening, testing of directed donors at our Columbus, OH location. Once the screening and testing is complete, semen samples can be collected and frozen (cryopreserved) at any of our three locations.

For more information about the screening, testing and quarantine of samples required for directed donors, Please see the FAQs.