Shipping and Pickup

Cryobiology, Inc. ships sperm samples in specialized nitrogen vapor (dry) shippers using overnight shipping or for local pickup in the Columbus, OH Area. While we accept orders for purchase of donor sperm from both individuals and health care providers, we only ship to a physician’s office.

 Placing an Order:

  1. Select your donor using Donor Search.
  2. Place the donor vial type and vial number into your CART.
  3. At Checkout, select the shipping method you prefer and pay for that along with the vials.
  4. Please call to schedule pickup at the Columbus, OH Location.
  5. Orders placed by Noon (Eastern Time) on the website can be shipped the same day (see requirements below).
  • Requirements for Shipping or Release of Sperm Samples. Documentation Required by Cryobiology, Inc. before Shipment or Pickup:
  1. Donor Sperm Use Agreement signed by both members of the couple (if applicable).
  2. Physician Information (i.e. sperm is only released for use under the care of physician or health care provider).
  3. Payment in full.

Other Shipping Logistics:

  • Your physician may not have the equipment to store your samples on site.

  1. Samples arrive in dry shippers that permit storage for SEVEN (7 days) from date of shipping
  2. We recommend that you arrange shipping so that the vials arrive the day before they are needed
  3. You should only ship enough samples for use in a single cycle.

  • Cryobiology, Inc. is not responsible for shipments that are delayed due to inclement weather.

Please see FAQs for  additional information about Ordering, Shipping and Storage, Vials Not Used and our Vial Replacement Policy.